10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds



Meta description: If you want to invest in a costlier breed of dog, here are the details about the 10 most expensive dog breeds.

When it comes to buying a dog, there are many options that the buyer will have to consider. Among the many factors, cost is of course an important consideration to make. If you are particular about the best quality and costlier breed, here is the list of the most expensive 10 dog breeds:

Breed No : 1

1. Chow Chow:

10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

This Chinese breed is stated to be one of the oldest of dog breeds that are presently available in the market and this was confirmed after a DNA Test. This breed was originally developed as multipurpose working dogs and they also showed their excellence in pulling, guarding, hunting and herding. With the thick coats, they have an attractive appearance and their richness in their appearance is what makes them costlier at around $3000-9000.

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